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About Kaleaha Samoine

My name is Kaleaha Samoine.  I am a NASM certified personal trainer and nutrition coach who started her fitness journey in 2015.

When I started training myself in April, 2015, I was 230 lbs. I started off running a mile five days a week and building my endurance until I reached five miles by December 2015. By this time, I was three months into weight training as well, bench pressing 155 lbs., and squatting 215 lbs.  The gym became my best friend.  I was working out with anyone that wanted to transform into a fit lifestyle. Motivating others to challenge themselves became my inspiration. 


I later competed in American Ninja Warrior Seasons 10, 12 & 13.  I then started obstacle course racing, completing my first Spartan Race trifecta in 2019.  Understanding that the challenge is first mental, next physical, and then carried on to every aspect of discipline in life is the best way to push myself and others.

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